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I already eat healthfully, how can whole food supplements benefit me?

Even if you eat a well-rounded, healthy diet, odds are there are still nutritional gaps that are hard to fill from food at your local grocery store. It's nearly impossible to pack ALL of the essential nutrients you want and need into every meal, every day.

Whether you want to take in highly-targeted nutrients for a specific health concern, or just want to give your body a well-rounded daily nutritional base to build on, whole food supplements are the only logical and natural solution.

Are whole food supplements safe to consume?

Because the whole food supplements we offer are 100% real foods, they are the safest kind of supplements you can take. While supplements that contain isolated (individual or groups of individual) vitamins and minerals are known to cause side effects at the cellular level, true whole food supplements such as the ones in our shop remain naturally balanced and are therefore much safer.

The ingredients in our whole food supplements are carefully sourced from organic farms and ranches to meet the highest standards of quality.

Before release, all the formulas we carry undergo more than 15 scientific tests at their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and organic certified lab in California — including dissolution studies, microbial testing, and USDA inspection.

Of course, if you suffer from allergies or if certain foods disagree with you, you should always read the product label before consuming any supplement to make sure you will not have a problem with the ingredients.

Can I take these supplements if I’m on prescription medications or undergoing treatment?

Generally, the answer is yes. Since whole food supplements are made entirely of real foods, when you take them you are eating nutrient-dense ingredients that offer increased support to address nutrient deficiencies and help you through many healing and recovery processes.

That being said, it is always wise to coordinate what you are taking with your physician. For instance, if you are taking blood thinning medications, then he/she may not want you eating too many greens.

Which of your formulas are gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian?

Many of the whole food supplements we carry are gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian.


While our facilities are not certified gluten-free (meaning we cannot guarantee there are not gluten traces or residues), the following supplements do not have any gluten-containing ingredients:

Flavo C / AdrenaPlex / CalMag / Cell Power / Digestplex / FemPlex / Green Nutrients / GTF Complex / InflaPlex / Vital Defense

(Note that our cereal grasses — found in Green Nutrients, SuperGreens, and Whole Food Complex — are harvested at or before the jointing stage and therefore do not contain gluten.)

Vegan and Vegetarian

Flavo C / CalMag / SuperGreens / Green Nutrients


I noticed you have glandulars in some of your products. What are these for?

Whole glandulars are made from the hormone-producing glands of animals (usually cows) and include a host of important nutrients that benefit a wide array of tissues that require unadulterated proteins and amino acids.

The glandulars in the products we carry come from antibiotic/hormone/steroid-free, grass-fed, free-range animals in Argentina and/or New Zealand. They are not processed in any way other than to remove water content and do not contain any isolates, concentrates, PMGs, or other altered materials. There are no porcine (pig) glandulars in our products as they have been shown to be unreliable in quality in cleanliness.

Are your products Non-GMO?

Yes, all of our products are non-GMO.

At this point, there are lax regulations regarding whether it is mandatory to list GMO (genetical modified organism) ingredients in supplements and foods. Because we are environmentalists and interested in healing, we only carry supplements that we have verified do not contain ANY genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

Why don’t you list milligrams on your supplement bottles?

The model of breaking down vitamins and nutrients into milligrams is an unnatural standard that is more applicable to pills created in a laboratory than real food complexes.

With natural foods, the precise measurement of vitamins and minerals is impossible to quantify as it varies from item to item. One carrot can have a different amount of beta carotene than the one sitting right next to it in the bunch.

Milligrams should be seen as a warning sign for synthetic and artificial ingredients. When we see vitamins listed in milligrams on a product label, it is actually an indicator that a supplement or vitamin is not truly natural.

We are proud to say that because the supplements we carry are 100% real whole foods, you will not find vitamin milligram counts listed on our product labels.

Further, the naturally-occurring food complex offers many benefits above and beyond the specific quantity of vitamins or minerals in a food. The cofactors, or helper nutrients, that are within nature’s foods are more important than the vitamins alone. Listing milligrams does nothing to account for the marvelous synergistic and often subtle effects of these ingredients.

Which products come in powder forms?

We have several products that are available in powder form. Many of our customers mix these powders in a juice, smoothie, or health shake for an extra boost of nutrients.

The following whole food supplements are also available as powders:
BFood Complex / ProMin / SuperGreens / CalMag / Whole Food Complex.