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What are whole food supplements?

Whole food supplements are the most efficient and effective way to give your body the nutrition it needs. Each formula is packed with nutrient-rich foods in combinations that are optimized for maximum impact on your health and wellness.

When you read the ingredients on the side of one of our products, you'll see that it lists names of actual foods like broccoli, astragalus, or garlic and not artificially-produced isolates and synthetics like vitamin c, ascorbic acid, and so on.

Because they include only real foods, whole food supplements give you the complete food complex: vitamins, minerals, as well as ALL of the necessary helper nutrients that your body needs to quickly and easily process and absorb the nutritional benefits.

At Whole Food Formulas, we offer our customers a complete line of high-quality supplements that are made with 100% real whole foods. Our ingredients are organic, wildcrafted, and non-GMO.

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Build your foundation with these 4 supplements

Start with these 4 supplements to build a solid nutritional foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle. Taken together, they contain a cross-section of vital nutrients that will benefit your entire system from top to bottom.

Target a specific health concern

Customize your own supplement plan and focus on the health issues most important to you. It’s easy to sort our products by health concern using the dropdown menu on this page →

Need more specific help?

If you have a question or need more guidance, you can email us your health questions here.