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Understanding Whole Food Supplements

Understanding Whole Food Supplements

Why do we take supplements?

If you're reading this, odds are you're already eating pretty healthfully. You care about your diet and only want to put good things into your body. Congratulations! You're ahead of most people.

 So what do supplements do?

Even if you eat a well-rounded, healthy diet, odds are there are still nutritional gaps that are hard to fill at the local grocery store. It's nearly impossible to pack ALL of the essential nutrients you want and need into every meal.

Whether you want to take in highly-targeted nutrients for a specific health concern, or just want to give your body a well-rounded daily nutritional base to build on, supplements can be a great solution.

But they need to be the right kind of supplements.

The problem with most other supplements...

To understand why whole foods are so effective, we have to take a look at how the body processes your average non-whole food supplement or multivitamin.

The majority of supplements you'll see out in the wild are kind of like Frankenstein monsters. They pull a little bit of this from one source and a little bit of that from another to form a stitched up product that doesn't resemble anything you'd find in nature. [Lightning strike]

All these pieces are known as isolates and synthetics. When you remove a vitamin from its natural food complex and insert it into a supplement, your body has to pull helper nutrients like amino acids, enzymes, carotenoids, flavonoids, or minerals away from other parts of your body to break it down and process it.

Not only is this inefficient, it strains your system unnecessarily and can actually create new deficiencies elsewhere.

Whole food supplements are the complete package.

When you read the ingredients on the side of one of our formulas, you'll see that it will list names of actual foods like broccoli, astragalus, or garlic and not artificially-produced isolates like vitamin c, ascorbic acid, and so on.

It makes sense that thanks to thousands of years of evolution, our bodies are optimized to recognize and efficiently process these real foods in their original, natural forms.

Just like eating real foods, when you take a supplement that contains the entire whole food complex, you are getting the complete package: vitamins, minerals, as well as ALL of the necessary helper nutrients that your body needs to quickly and easily process and absorb the nutritional benefits.

NutriPlex Formulas products are made with 100% real whole foods.

At Whole food Formulas, we offer our customers a complete line of high-quality supplements that are made with 100% real whole foods. Our ingredients are organic, wildcrafted, and non-GMO.

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